what people are saying about “two girls, one tank”


From Comic Attack (Five Stars*****) –

“…great for longtime fans, and if you’re new to this world it’s still a great beginning to jump into. That’s what a first issue should do and kudos to Martin and Parson for making this accessible to all readers.”
“The standout part would be Magnolia’s “transformation”. No dialogue is used but from panel to panel we get a sense of the character and that she has her own story.”

From Flickering Myth (9 out of 10) –

Tank Girl is one of those rare things in pop culture that sexualises its female characters in a way that empowers them instead of demeaning them; it does away with stereotypes of the male gaze and creates truly unique, brash and hilarious women who literally don’t give a f*ck what you or anyone else thinks.”

From Adventures in Poor Taste (9.5 out of 10) –

“Wow. Brett Parson has done a phenomenal job bringing this world to life. It’s bright, vibrant, a bit dirty (necessarily so), but just all in all amazing. The Tank is probably my favorite visual. From the first time you see it until the last, it’s spectacular—just a pile of insane metal bits ready for anything.”

From Word of the Nerd Online (9.6 out of 10) –

“Alan Martin keeps the reader rewarded with his unorthodox brand of wild wit as he returns Tank Girl to our collective comic book consciousness.”


Look out for JET GIRL!