The Gifting

For those of you that missed it in 2007, I’d like to flag up Tank Girl’s comeback series “The Gifting“, which crashed to Earth as a mini-series last May and severely dented the Top 50 Trade Paperback Charts at the end of the year. A fantastic collection of great covers by Ashley Wood and a glorious car crash of interior art by Ashley and Rufus Dayglo

“More than anything else, the self-contained vignettes starring Tank Girl and her post-apocalyptic crew resemble Archie‘s gag-punctuated shenanigans as reinvented by sick, prurient punks—in other words, a breath of freshly fetid air…”

“Ashley Wood delivers a very cool style which somehow, despite not trying to imitate Jamie’s original work, manages to reference it at a level old fans will recognise and appreciate – he delivers art which suits the story and characters perfectly and manages to make them very much Tank Girl while still very Ashley Wood too, a pretty neat trick to pull off.”

“Frankly, Tank Girl was MIA for too long and it’s good to see her back.”


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