Random Tank Girl Art #1

I’m gonna be posting some random pages from the original Tank Girl incarnation. All of these are available in the Tank Girl Books 1 – 3 and The Cream Of Tank Girl coffee-table art book (all from Titan Books, available onĀ Amazon etc.). This first one was an unseen picture that turned up in Jamie’s archive as we were putting together Tank Girl Book 3 and can now be found in the introduction of that book


More soon. Stay tuned to this station!


Alan X

1 thought on “Random Tank Girl Art #1”

  1. Being forced to be from North America (“I didn’t have much to do with it. My parents f**ked here, that was about it…”), I’ve always been used to the Dark Horse publications, and it wasn’t until recently that I realised that TG was originally all in black and white. It gives a different texture to the art to have to imagine the psychedelic colours floating around…

    Actually, now that I think about it, my pa is the same way about photos of himself from the 60’s. Everything’s in black and white, so he has to explain to me that the pants are green with purple stripes, and the shirts are an eye-bleeding aqua-maroon, and on like that.

    Why does Jamie Hewlett make me feel like my heart is on fire? He’s like magic or something.

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