new book from Tank Girl artist Glyn Dillon – The Nao Of Brown


Many of you will remember the very brilliant Glyn Dillon, who worked on Tank Girl with us in the early 90s and drew the crazy Planet Swerve strip in Deadline Magazine with me. Well, he’s been off most people’s radar for several years, working as a storyboard artist and a video director (notably on several Gorillaz projects), but for the last couple of years he’s been writing and drawing his own book. THE NAO OF BROWN is a fantastic, sublime, breathtaking, groundbreaking work, from one of the UK’s most closely kept secrets. Released in hardback edition in september.

I love Glyn.

I love his work.

I love this book.

Pre-order now from Amazon.

Alan XXX

p.s. You can follow Glyn’s adventures on Twitter @naobrown

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