Dear Friends…

Hello, my name is Alan, I co-created the original Tank Girl comic in 1988 with my friend Jamie Hewlett.

For regular visitors of, I’d like to say a big SORRY for my long absence. Due to my carelessness, the site was beginning to resemble a teenager’s bedroom; messy, unkempt, shambolic, scattered with dirty shorts, and smelling like something had crawled under the bed, eaten a dubious-looking damp sock, and died.

Well, as you can see, I’ve had the fumigators in and I’ve redecorated the whole place in snazzy black. From now on this will be my own personal blog, which, while bringing you all the latest news from the ever-expanding world of Tank Girl, will also (hopefully) tantalise you with peeks at other projects I’m working on.

I already have some very exciting (well, I’m excited, anyway) news that I’m waiting for the green-light to unveil.

And as you may already know, my next Tank Girl series “Carioca” with the brilliant Brit artist Mick “Mike” McMahon is scheduled for release as a three-part mini-series starting in September of this year.

Mick McMahon's Tank Girl cover from Deadline Magazine

This year is shaping up into something quite different.

While you’re here, take a quick look in the shop section, as a lot of Tank Girl comics are now available in digital formats. Hopefully before the year is out, the whole TG catalogue will become available for most handheld devices and computers.

Many thanks to Ash at Portable Interactive for his help and support with this site.


Alan X

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