In April 2008 Titan Books published my debut text novel, “Tank Girl: Armadillo!” which received some very overenthusiastic reviews from the far corners of the globe –

“…like Jack Kerouac for my people. My people being pot-smokers with funny colored hair who enjoy comics and violent explosions of smoke and fury. “Armadillo!” is one of the best things I’ve read. Alan Martin goes up there with Philip K. Dick, Kurt Vonnegut, William Gibson, and the other madmen novelists who’ve changed my life forever.”

Tank Girl: Armadillo! is the natural heir to the British comedy shows of the 1960’s and 1970’s like Monty Python’s Flying Circus in that it also takes an illogical situation to its most logical conclusion. The only difference is that Tank Girl: Armadillo! has far more basis in reality than those other shows did. On the surface this is a hoot and a holler, but underneath it all is a call to arms.”

“I would recommend…no…I would insist that any long time Tank Girl fan pick this up and devour it as I did. The 156-page story, Armadillo! is comedic magnificence. The 2nd half called The Bushel is a nice collection of shorts, comic scripts and odd bits that are sure to burst or necessitate some stitches
I always knew Martin was a comedic genius, but he really shines brightest here all on his own. Until he gives us another volume like this one, I’ll be rabidly craving more.”

Gee, thanks guys, I like your reviews, too.


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