Alan’s Saturday Pop Slot 42 – Top Secret Man by the Plastics

More than half a year since my last Saturday pop update, I was inspired to resurrect Pop Slot after seeing this little gem. Originally released in 1980, right on the cusp of the crispy, new Brit electronica-fururistic-type-shit scene, this song did no business at all outside of Japan, but the band were later championed by new wave sound-alikes B52s and Talking Heads. My only recollection of the band was a free flexi-disc of their song Diamond Head, which I still possess. I love the guitarist on the right, who has obviously been on the contemporary music craze 2Tone. A golden era for fucked-up crazy shit, I love it!

And, to the person who told me that this site and blog should not be used for this kind of self-indulgence, but for showing works in progress and plugging books, this IS NOT FOR YOU!

Peace brothers and sisters

Alan XXX

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